Criminal Defense Investigators are professionally trained in preparing criminal defenses, locating witnesses, serving legal documents, interviewing police and prospective witnesses, gathering and reviewing evidence, collecting information on parties to a litigation, taking photographs, testifying in court, and assembling evidence and reports for trials. There are several levels of arrest where you may need a criminal defense investigator, there is city court, magistrate court, and general sessions court.  At the city courts and magistrate courts level chances are someone will not need a criminal defense investigator, but it is always good to have one just in case.  The general sessions courts or big courts as it is sometimes called is where a criminal defense investigator is really needed to help with your case, normally you can hire a criminal defense investigator on your own or consult with your lawyer.


Either way the criminal defense investigator and the lawyer should work as a team to help you in solving your case, although if the criminal defense investigator was hired before or after you hire a lawyer it is best if they both can see eye to eye.  An experience criminal defense investigator with a background in law enforcement can really help because he or she knows what to look for and knows when the arresting officer may have not have done everything by the books.  Criminal defense investigators can also help the lawyer when it comes to picking a jury for trail, he or she might be aware of potential jurors in the jury pool who may be more than likely to vote in your favor.  A good criminal defense investigator leaves no stones unturned when looking for evidence to help his or her clients achieve justice.

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