Professions Most Likely To Cheat


  1. Police Officers – Long hours, shifting schedules, witnessing traumatic life and death situations, these things and more make it likely for members of this profession to seek comfort with one another instead of their spouse or companion.


  1. Nurses and Doctors – Deals with many of the same job situations as police officers, the toll of dealing with illness and death can create strong bonds with coworkers.


  1. Massage Therapists – Nakedness and time alone with clients makes this profession vulnerable.


  1. Actors and Models – Sexy love scenes, steamy photo shoots, sometimes lots of money, can create feelings that can be hard to resist.


  1. Financial Brokers – The high stakes attract individuals with power and money, which can be a recipe for cheating.


  1. Real Estate Agents – Long hours, lots of time being spent alone with clients, familiarity with clients likes and dislikes, can open the door for infidelity.


  1. Bartenders – Late nights, stress, alcohol can create a slippery slope for being unfaithful.


  1. Pilots and Flight Attendants – Constant travel, lots of time away from home, staying at different hotels with coworkers, all these things can assist and be hard to resist.


All people who work in these professions are not cheaters and not all cheaters work in these professions.  If you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating contact Eye B King


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