Infidelity Facts

The fact that infidelity is fairly common, here are some facts about infidelity that you should know.

  1. Its estimated that between 30% to 60% of married couples cheat at some point in their marriage. The most common time for this to occur is when the marriage is already on the rocks.
  2. Infidelity happens more with people 30 years and under, mainly because the younger generations are more likely to have had multiple partners before getting married.
  3. Men are more likely to cheat than women, the most common for both are affairs from within the office.
  4. The decision to cheat is usually circumstantial or emotional or either both in some cases.
  5. In many cases infidelity is never revealed by the cheater or found out by the partner, research shows 2% to 3% of children were conceived from infidelity.

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