Insurance Frauds


  1. Health Insurance – Health insurance fraud is very common and results in higher premiums for everyone. Examples of health insurance include over billing or billing very high prices for procedures not performed.  Make sure you recognize and verify that every charge on the statement is a service you received at your visit, if you find services you don’t recognize call your insurance company.  During your visit make sure you ask questions and understand what tests are being run and why.


  1. Car Insurance – One common type of car insurance fraud is when a vehicle owner sells the car to a parts shop or simply abandons the vehicle and then reports it stolen. The most frequent example of car insurance is collecting for damages to a vehicle which has not been repaired, like when the owner submits estimates for repairs however the owner simply cashes the check and fails to make the repairs to the vehicle.


  1. Home Owners Insurance – One common example is when a home owner reports a break-in or storm damage and has documented expensive possessions with the insurance company and sells the items. Another common example is staged house fires, in these cases the home owner is not home and have an alibi for the time of fire and has hired a person to set the fire in exchange for a cut of the insurance money.


                                                    If you suspect insurance fraud contact Eye B King

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