Myths About A Private Investigator

Here are a few myths about being a Private Investigator.

  1. Private Investigators get a pass on breaking the law- breaking the law comes with the same consequences for private investigators as it does for everyone else, most private investigators have background in law enforcement so they know how far to go.
  2. Private Investigators will bend the rules to make money- No amount of money should change their professional and ethical standards, South Carolina requires private investigators to maintain license issued through (SLED). If a private investigator step outside the legal ethical boundaries, (SLED) can take away their license.
  3. Private Investigators listen and record phone calls illegally- South Carolina have laws that prohibit recording phone calls without the knowledge of at least one of the parties, bugging or wire- tapping phones are illegal.
  4. Private Investigators have access to confidential information- private investigators can’t access confidential records on police, FBI, CIA, or any other government investigations, however they are very skilled on at knowing where and how to find documents and records that are public.

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