Depending on the type of process service you need you may have the option to have the papers served by someone who is not a professional.


A proof of service form need to be completed, some courts require this form to be notarized and some do not, a good rule of thumb is to get the form notarized every time.


Keep in mind getting a family member or friend to deliver the papers can present problems or issues by getting them involved in your legal matters.


If the proof of service form is not completed properly you risk having to re-serve the papers again. This is an incredibly frustrating experience you should avoid at all costs, it will save you money, hours and time to have the job done quickly and properly the first time by using a professional process service.


When the person who you are trying to serve is evasive and is avoiding service, that is when using a professional process service comes in handy because they have the knowledge and expertise on finding people who do not want to be found.


Keep in mind when serving papers from another state that you must abide by that state laws and regulations on process service, if not this also can cost you time and the client more money in the long run.


Talk with the client to get correct address and time for service this can save time and money, a professional process service will always do their homework first before going into the field, be aware of gated communities with security guards at the gate who will sometimes make it extremely hard for the process service to be completed in a timely manner.


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