When Someone Is Not Telling The Truth


Fidgeting – Fidgeting can be a self-soothing way to relieve the inner stress and nervous energy lying causes. Many tend to fidget directly after an untrue statement by touching their face or mouth, playing with their hair, scratching their nose, rubbing their neck or itching an ear.

Shifting Eye Contact – The inner stress of lying makes it difficult to maintain eye contact while speaking the untruth. In interviews, subjects will keep good eye contact while answering truthfully and during questions until giving a false answer. They tend to shift away from eye contact while answering with a lie.

Changing the Story – When a person is lying, their story tends to change when they repeat it.

Fight or Flight Response – The inner stress of lying can trigger the “fight or flight response” for some people. This includes unusual sweating, flushed skin – especially flushing of the face, shallow breathing and licking lips.

Over-explaining – When given an open-ended series of questions and space to talk as long as they wish, many people tend to over-explain when lying.

Answering a Question with a Question – Answering a question with a question is a common tactic people use to redirect attention away from themselves and their lies.

Blank Face – Many people avoid making facial expressions when lying. They think avoiding reaction with a blank face will prevent an expression from revealing their untruth.

 Gestures Don’t Match Words – A common way people get caught in a lie is when their gestures don’t match the words they’re saying. A simple example of this is giving an affirmative or “yes” answer while shaking their head “no”.

Proclaim Their Truthfulness – Using statements to reaffirm their honesty is often a sign of deceit. Statements like “to be honest,” “if I’m being truthful,” “believe me” and “to tell the truth” are common ways a liar tries to assert themselves as being honest.

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