Things A Cheater Does Not Want You To Know


  1. There is almost always more to the story– A cheater who has been caught will often leave out a number of details. Whether they do this out of guilt or out of a desire to minimize the damage depends on the person.
  2. They cannot be trusted… yet– A partner who is truly sorry for being unfaithful knows and accepts that it will take time to build up trust. A partner who isn’t really remorseful for their actions will pressure you for trust by saying things like, “you’re just going to have to trust me.”
  3. They know they betrayed you– Someone who is caught being unfaithful knows they’ve betrayed you. If they are invested in repairing the relationship, they acknowledge this betrayal honestly.
  4. Shifting blame shows a lack of sincerity– A caught cheater who attempts to shift the blame for their actions back to you is not sincere about fixing the relationship.
  5. Impatience with the healing process is a bad sign– A partner who has been caught cheating and says things like “just get over it already,” “why won’t you let it go,” and “wasn’t my apology good enough,” is showing impatience with the healing process.
  6. Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing– A big clue here is if they allow you to look at their phone. While everyone has a right to privacy, in the wake of discovering infidelity, a partner who wants to regain your trust will set that aside and give you full access to their phone to provide reassurance that the behavior is in the past.

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